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The plot is … er … some stone age or something people hunt mammoths, and then … er … some of them get kidnapped and one of them follows them and then there or Kenian warriors and more mammoths, only now they are working on an Egyptianal pyramid. In the end, they kill the Egyptian Prime Minister with a white spear.
The most horrible dialogues, and a narration that sheds light in the fact that at some point in your carreer, you start doing just about anything for money, because at Omar Sharif’s age, there is nothing to lose. The most un-thrilling action sequences involving mammoths and dinosaurs (??? WTF???) and whatever.
When I heard of the film for the forst time a couple of years back, I was wondering why the hell anybody would want to make such a film, and how they would manage to create a decent story in such a setting. Well, yeah…

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  1. hi thomas, i agree totally. and additionally everybody ot these stone age guys looks so terribly dirty. only the stone age queenie girl shows a clean face. but let´s better not talk about the rest of her body.

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