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A young girl and her father live on a beautiful island, him studying nature, her hanging out with cute animals and reading adventure books. When the father goes missing with his boat after a storm, Nim – the girl – calls for help from the hero of her favourite books. Turns out this Alex hero is only a whimpish Jodie Foster author in real life, almost too scare to leave her Manhattan apartment. But she does, and they find each other, and all is well.
Spectacularly harmless, the joining of Jodie Foster and 300-star Gerard Butler (who is actually quite enjoyable here as Foster’s alter ego) is aimed at somebody considerably younger than me. For those, there may be joy in flying chamaeleons and fat English tourists with sunburns, but then again, even the most little ones may realise that the script is a bit all over the place, with the whole drama suddenly evaporating when the father just returns without much ado.

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