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A little boy trapped in a religiously fanatic family finds his dream counterpart, a spoiled brat who is completely disobeying any rule the world has ever invented for 10-year old kids. Through the joint work on a "screen test" movie, "Son of Rambow", they both learn a bit about the charms of leading other lifes.

If not for the high praise that travelled ahead of the film, I might have enjoyed it more (but probably would have missed it, too). It is a charming little film with surprising high production value, even a fantasy dreamworld is being developed that is sprouting out of the hero’s fantasy. For a grown-up audience, the drama evolving and the mix of slapstick elements in a real setting, with a rather undecided director, not sure whether to go for the hilarious comedy, the religious critique or the boyhood / coming-of-age transition… all this leaves a grown-up observing rather than immersing. The French class visiting the English school is a bit eery and displaced, the stunts performed during the film shooting are in a slapstick mode that does not really want to fit the rest of the picture. Jolly entertainment, but not there to stay. Maybe with the exception of the final scene, where tear-jerking moments of "Cinema Paradiso" quality are being summoned.

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