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What is happening is unclear, but in effect, people start killing themselves in great masses. A group of people is on the run, and slowly it occurs to them what is goind on and that there is very little they can do about it.
1) the film has surely been written because the scriptwriter came up with the idea of showing 18 different ways of people committing suicide. They show this, and it is kind of interesting, but after half an hour, you know…
2) It is absolutely clear that the old farmer and tree-hugger the refugee group meets must be the only person in the world to understand what is the true character of the attach against humanity.
3) most certainly you have to end a film about extinction just avoided with… yes, starting over with “it” “happening” again in some other remote location.

The general idea is not too bad, actually, and was the reason why I thought the film would deliver something of interest. It is actually not a complete failure, just very boring in large stretches, because the core of the drama (being trapped in a place with intruders closing in) has been done so much better since Romero that maybe it was just a bit pointless trying it again. Probably quite thrilling for people who watch one film in 5 months.

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