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Bruce Banner has disappeared into a Brasilian day job, but he is still trying to find a cure against his Hulk nature. Meditation helps, science does not. The military is still chasing him, and when they find his trace, they (namely William Hurt and Tim Roth) get some new ideas, such as greening themselves up a little.
At the core of the Hulk issue lies the problem that it is not a very interesting character, at least not when he is Hulk. It does not help to introduce great (Hurt, Norton, Roth) or pretty actors with interesting teeth (Tyler), the story remains what it is: hide, seek, chase. I don’t really understand the dislike of many against the Ang Lee version, and I am equally surprised at the enthusiasm towards the new “Louterrier” (who is that??) version. It is nice green entertainment with some fancy ideas (the sonic cannon, for instance, or Tim Roth’s transformation), but all in all, it is very conventional, up to the point where you have to say that having a big one-Hulk-against-the-Other final fight is just very boring after having had Transformers and Iron Man within the last year. I am almost sure this is the end of the franchise, where would you want to go? Have Hulk vs. Iron Man – The Movie? Who would like Hulk to win in that one??

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