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Less interesting for the audience abroad, more a technical tool for reviving the memories of the 2004 presidential election defeat the Democrats suffered, the documentary is covering a tour Michael Moore organised through more than 60 cities in the four weeks before that election. Including local celebrities and international stars from the region, he is calling for the people to register and to vote, the turnout having been the most important reason for the Democrat’s previous defeat.

There is nothing really interesting in terms of arguments or presentation style – it is long clip of enthused people for one side or the other, with the unavoidable polemics like the depiction of the Democrats as the cool slackers or the converted war supporters, versus the Republicans as the religiously fanatic morons, but the actual policy debate between the two fractions is not touched upon. It is definitely not “the new Moore film”, but only another element in Michael Moore’s multimedia activism campaign. Fair enough, but really not very interesting. Only highlight in terms of entertainment: Roseanne Barr’s rant – but only after 1:30 hours.

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