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5 crooks get rounded up after an arms transport disappeard. They realise they can start their own next mission together, but it goes wrong, with a ship going up in flames and lots of people dead. It is Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) who survives and through his interrogation, we learn how the story around the plotting of super-villain Keyser Socy unfolds. And if you really want to know what has been going on, here is the full synopsis:

Interesting to see that one again, especially as I have not seen it since it originally was released. Since then Kevin Spacey got famous, Benicio del Toro, Gabriel Byrne has become a well-known face (even though I relaised that apart from Miller’s Crossing, there is not a single movie with him I can remember having seen), and there are so many more big-scale supporters (Pete Postlethwaite, my fabourite one) that it is just heart-warming playing the thin line between  fact and fiction.

The movie does not hold up to time as strongly as – say – Seven (wasn’t it released around the same time), but it still a great production design, well written, well played and surely even today Bryan Singer’s prime directorial achievement.

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