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What is the film about? Now fair question, that… about life in a depressing part of the world that is probably only depressing if you look at it from the outside, but a regular patch of grass in Southern Italy where families lead their family life, kids play their kids’ games, companies go about their company business. Only that most of this involves crime, drugs, killing, and trating each other in pretty inhuman ways. Crime destroys people, and drugs destroy crime and disallow you to treat crime like a propoer business, as we learned from Don Vito back in the days. This is the run-down version of organised crime, with protagonists who are so ridiculous on their efforts to be macho, and clearly are at loss if forced to exlpain what they have achieved themselves. Everybody lives off the bredcrumbs that the mafia / camorra machinery drops off the table, and this rotten life destroys a whole society. No wonder the plot synposis at IMDB is empty – this is a patchwork of impressions, highlighting individual efforts to perform within the system, to move inside the system, or of turning around the system. Nobody seeks to escape it really, which is surprising, because everybody knows that the system of organised crime has very few happy endings in stock. The two kids who want to be cool, steal mob weapons and drugs and would so much love to be appreciated by the hookers and the ganster bosses certainly pay for getting it all wrong. Everybody else pays.

As depiction of real life, this is hard-hitting. As a film, it is slightly flawed, as there is little identification to be had. Nobody deserves warm-hearted looks, and noone gets any. There is no focus of action, and no action, or plot to speak of. That makes a double painful viewing experience: because it is such a thoroughly unpleasant life that is under scrutiny, and because director and script-writer do not offer dramatic development. Surely worth watching, but prepare to consider this work.

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