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Scully is hiding Mulder, who apprently is being sought by the FBI, at home, but she brings him in touch with the old office again when an abduction case and a strange psychic medium require all the dodgy resources FBI can think of… namely the old x-files team. Their investgation leads them to reveal that there is a whole series of missing persons and that there is considerable time pressure to find one of them.

The summary is: it is one long x files show. As it is one involving Mulder and Scully, this is always entertaining. As it is not one out the “X Files Mythology” (miltary industrial government conspiracy breeding alian-human hybrid thing or whatever… kind of lost track towards the end), it is not of the kind one must see. X Files was maybe the only show that could produce good shows in both cataegories (mythology-related, one-off), as opposed to most recent “deviation from mythology” disasters in “Battlestar Galactica” (Strike) or “Lost” (buried alive). It does here, too, I enjoyed the film, I enjoyed being back with the characters, but I just felt that sense of loss… perfectly reasonable not to bother the non-initiated with a highly complex alien invasion theory that took 5 years to develop in the tv show, but for those who loved X Files (and who else would go to see that movie now, anyway?), it is the alien shape-shifting killer and the smoker and the geeks in their trailer watching UFOs and tabbing into the White House computer systems and the Area 51 stories that you were waiting for (at least Skinner turns up twoards the end to help clean things up). I still have the season 1 DVD collection on the shelf, may need to buy some more of those box sets…
Oh the story itself and its execution: actually quite gory and feels like an ironic nod to all those crazy scientist 1950s movies, but I wonder whether the irony is intended.
Odd: just beofore watching the movie, I saw an episode of “Entourage” and was creeped out by having a continuous Callum Keith Rennie evening. One of the most impressive tv actors at the moment, and he must have some smart agent, given the roles he gets (think Leoben, too!).

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