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The Host

Following some ruthless neglect in an American lab, a river monster evolves in Seoul, eating its way through the population. Some are only being carried away to experience some regurgutation in a sewr system. One of them, little whatever her name was, has an older brother, and his mission is to fight the monster and get the baby-sister back.

Another case of strange realism in a not very realistic overall setting. The monster is well done, and is trotting through the scenery like a big dog off the leash. Very unspectacular in its way, and very convincingly done, including the way the city and the people react to it, like an alligator on the loose, just bigger. Much bigger, actually. The family setting is affectionately done, with them running a little kiosk on the riverside, the son a loser, the other one – … as well. They all love the baby girl, but then again she gets eaten a lover of his sister, the father (was it the father? I watched it some time ago…) a strange character guiding them through life. It is all more of an upscale rubber monster movie without rubber monster, and it is somehow fun to see how much of the Godzilla charm comes through the bad effects. With good effects, those films change their charm completely! Very strange… but good entertainment once you get over the out-of-place realism.

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