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Private eye Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke, looking like “an unmade bed”, as I read somewhere) gets the strange job of finding out whether pre-war schmaltz singer Johnny Favourite is still around on this planet, as he supposedly owes to a Mr Louis Cyphre (Robert de Niro, having the understatement time of his life and very nice and increasingly long hair) for services to foster his carreer. Wherever Angel goes, however, his interview partners tend to end up dead, and at the end of his journey, Harry Angel will have found out more than he was paid for.

The nostalgia weeks continue with another of my all-time favourites. Alan Parker being one of my favourite directors, anyway, in this one there is a fascinating mix of surreal camera angles, settings in America’s exotic South, Voodoo Chicken Sacrifices and (pseudo)religious motives all trhough the film. Acting is brilliant from Mickey Rourke and from de Niro, but also every side character is very well cast and played. Honourable mention to Denise Huxtable … to Lisa Bonet for being the most sexy women I have seen on a cinema screen since … the beginning of times? Oh and the elevator going down and down and showing where all this leads. And the tap dancers on the streets, and the blood on the wall and dripping from the ceiling… beautiful film!

Roger Ebert likes it, too.

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