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Baron Frankenstein has a heavy German accent and a big problem: He is on a quest to create the perfect “zombies”, one male, one female, which will then mate and reproduce until a new race has been bred, answering only to Frankenstein’s will. Unfortunately he does not have the perfect nose for the male yet. He therefore kills a young guy coming out of a brothel, but does not realise that his mean at the same time hires the guy’s friend for … “in-house services”. When the new service guy sees somebody being introduced to the family with the head of his just deceased friend, but completely different body, he sets out to solve the problem and unveil Frankstein’s secrets. The family children help him…

The only useful thing to be said is how I came to see it: because in a review of “Stuck” it was mentioned that the last gore film of value was “Flesh for Frankenstein” – and both the title and the “Andy Warhol’s …” made me nosy. It was fun enough, terrible acting, some funny liver transplants and decapitations. And a happy ending at least for the kids who only wanted to play. For everybody else a Hamletian ending.

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