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Now let’s see. I had a period of depression on the tv output of the fall. Writers’ strike after-effect? Tiring of concepts? Just a bad streak? Fed up with the format of weekly deliverables again (as I was for the most part of my adult years)? Don’t know yet, but I am sure come Summer I will be able to tell. Because: Now that quite a few shows have finished their odd half-seasons before Christmas (Heroes, Dexter, CSI, Life, Fringe) and some of them will not come back in a while (I hereby solemnly declare to myself that “Heroes” is officially off my radar), the master class has started again. If those don’t catch my attention again, I am back to arthouse cinema:
* 24 – with a big hiatus after prison and strike time, it would be fatal if the show’s 7th season is anything but fantastic, making the disoriented season six forget.
* Battlestar Galactica – it is the final, there is no room and excuse for distractions. These are my favourite characters over the last three tv years, and what better can happen to writers and directors than to know exactly that the quest will end now. This season. In an od dozen episodes. The only thing I have to decide is whether to follow week by week or just tie myself to a chair and wait until I can watch it all in one go.
* Lost – others were shivering in excitement about their new president (for us 24’ers, nothing but a prettyboy copy of David Palmer, wise ruler of the free world as early as six years ago!) – I, at the same time, had to keep me from reading all the Season 5 previews of “Lost”. That show is in danger of strangulating on its own complexity and ambition, but with a clear target (like BSG, but slightly further away at epside 100, so more dangerous to get “Lost” on the way, haha).

That should be a great tv spring, if not, the boxed set of “Sopranoes” is all that is left for me…

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