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Thanks to The Independent, I am now even more tempted than usual to burn some months / years of my current life by watching things that I missed in the previous one. Gratefully, I have already worked my way through some of these (Entourage, 24, the Stanley Kubrick Movies [well, most of them]), others I am immune against (why anyone would want to watch "Seinfeld"…) and others are on the list of "things to do before the world ends" (read "Ulysses, watch "The Sopranoes" – yes, and "The Wire", of course!). But how to ever get through all these brilliant BBC documentaries without taking a Sabbatical? After retirement maybe? Need to file for early retirement, then. Now!

Some stuff I never heard of before (like "Father Ted" or "Shameless" – highly praised here, but how come I never even heard the titles?)

Noted (Christmas presents, anyone?):
* Bruce Parry – The Tribe
* Park Chan-Wook’s Vengeance Trilogy (of which I have seen "Oldboy")
* Louis Theroux: the Strange & the Dangerous
* David Attenborough’s Life Collection (70 hours? Easy… )
* John Pilger: Documentaries That Changed the World

Currently Working on:
* Michael Palin – Around the World in 80 Days
* Michael palin – From Pole to Pole
* David Lynch  

The list oddly lacks "South Park", but as compensation includes all the BBC Shakespeare recordings, which amounts to the same overall level of adult entertainment. It also mentions that Stanley Kubrick’s favourite film was the German TV show "Heimat", which proves that he was wise and deserves all the praise we have available.

See the whole list here at

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