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The definition of the “Rockumentary” genre, the film follows Britain’s Loudest Band on their tour,

Slightly aged, the film is still thoroughly entertaining. Maybe especially after watching “Metallica – Some Kind of Monster” and seeing those badass blokes making fools out of themselves, clearly to promote their next uninspired record promoted with a bit of “almost broke in the process of production” scandal. And all IN FRONT THE CAMERA!! How brave is that? Not too brave, I’d rather see the intentionally funny mock-up of all the heavy metal cliches. Actually, in retrospect I can hardly distinguish the two films, because the same stuff happens in either, with concerts being cancelled, managers sacked, a ridiculous entourage and music that is strangely less hard and heavy than the guys look or behave.
Anything that needs to be said about it is in Roger Ebert’s review, and the real-life version of this currently in the cinemas with “Anvil: The Story of Anvil” – apparently also with a Stonehenge stage decoration in it. Looking forward.

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