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Righ before the shows starts, my predictions / expectations:
Best Film / Best Director: Slumdog / Boyle –> yes
Best actor: Rourke –> no, Penn
Actress: Meryl Streep –> no, the chubby one from Titanic took it away
Support Actor: Heathcliff Huxtable … no, what’s his name? Anyway… –> yes, sure
Support Actress: Viola Davis –> no, beautiful Penelope for best performance in worst film of the year (can they hand out Oscars and Razzies at the same event, would be more efficient)
Screenplay Original: In Bruges (best movie of the year, if you want my opinion!) –> no, Milk, sounds a bit boring
Screenplay adapted: Slumdog –> yes
Foreign language: The Class –> no, the Japanese film
Animated: Wall-E –> yes
Cinematography: Slumdog –> yes
Documentary: Man on Wire –> yes
The rest: can’t be bothered…

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