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A documentary about the dark side of Australian movie heritage, the film show extensive footage from the subgenre of “Ozploitation”, and has many of its representatives chat about the good old days when you could do everything with a movie camera, a D-cupped girl and a bit of chainsaw. Most intersting protagonist weirdly enough is Quentin Tarantino, who qualifies only by being probably the only person to have seen all those flicks, and Dennis Hopper, about whose method acting approach to playing useless alochol and cocaine addicts we learn a bit. Apart from that, it is not really clear why this genre is particularly interesting. I sat there with a pen to immediately take note of any film I must lay my hands on, but there were not really inspring recommendations to be found. Maybe re-watch Mad Max to indulge in ca. 12-year-old Mel Gibson.

See also here for a more detailed description

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