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An Antarctica mission gets surprised by a Norwegian team chasing a dog to the camp and almost blowing everybody up. When the Americans investigate what happened at the Norwegians’ camp, they find out that a flying saucer was dug up and something inside must have gotten released. Too late fr protection, as The Thing starts working its way through the camp staff (literally), and the survivors need to find ways to identify who is still human and how to get out of this mess.

Another one in my Carpenter marathon, and another one of my favourites. The atmosphere is claustrophobic by definition and location, and the guys in the camp all have different forms of cabin fever to show. The coolest man in the room is, of course, Snake Plissken, who wins the audience’s heart in minute three when he rewards the chess computers’ winning streak by pouring some whiskey on the rocks onto the machine’s motherboard. Even with full beard and not many lines to speak (but when does Kurt Russel ever do?), he still is on top of developments. He will try to remain his calm and cool, despite madness and physically not very nice things breaking loose around him. Some beautiful shocker moments (the re-animation efforts ending inside the guy’s chest, the test of the blood samples with the glowing piece of wiring! Yiiek!).

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