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Susan gets radiated by a meteor falling onto her garden on the day of her wedding. She grows into a Giant and gets transferred into that super-secret governmen holding facility where they keep all those monsters: the smart cockroach, the jelly amoeba, the giant XXX, or the amphibian muscle-master. When an alien invasion of robot drones threatens life as we know it (because of some “Mars Attack” lookalike alien mad scientist who wants to steal whatever that magic resource was called), the government unleashes Ginormica (now Susan’s s artist name) and her colleagues to fight back the threat. A butterfly will, Godzilla-style, decide on the fate of the Earth.
Never got my attention. Too straightforward, nothing you have not seen a million times. The monsters, the threat, the sidekicks, the aliens, the government… I got bored right away, as the plot is of course predictable to the last moment, and the way the animation is being done is also nowhere near interesting. Perfectly fine for smaller kids, I suppose, but there is not much the accompanying adult would get as compensation for spending the Sunday afternoon away from the garden.

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