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The New York Times’ Economix Blog has an interesting bit about how to calculate blockbuster success properly and how to compare movie success of 1938 (Gone with the Wind) with one in 2008 (The Dark Knight). It is inflation, ticket price develpoment, maybe purchasing power development, sure, but also population rise (or decline), number of screens, maybe average distance to the next screen, number of children eligible for reduced admission fee, etc etc. The analysis the article refers to looks into some of them, not all by far, but already re-affirms that the truly hugely successful movies of all times are those you expect them to be from your gut feeling. Does “Dark Knight” coney this? Not really. “10 Commandments”? – Absolutely, as does “Gobe with the Wind”, “Star Wars” or “E.T.” is there any comprehensive analysis with the development of a logical and stringent measurement system around?

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