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A new breed of cockroaches gets developed in order to fight an epidemic in New York. Years later, it turns out that the kind has mutated into something big and dangerous, feeding off the city’s citizens and threatening to get out of control. The group of researchers involved in the development have to find and fight the big bugs.
An astonishingly straightforward film by del Toro. It is a gruesome creature hunt, and one by one, the pack of hunters gets smaller. Some characters are not really necessary, such as the shoe-shine man and his son, who stumble into the whole thing by accident. The other characters, the tough girl, the nice following man, the grumpy police man facing a sure fate… The end is maybe not as well played out as it could have been, with some people not dying who should and some dying who don’t need to, but all in all, a perfectly entertaining horror flic. Not as inspired as del Toro’s other movies, but surely a door opener for what he is doing today.

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