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The bite of a nasty little monkey thing durin g a zoo visit turns Lionel’s Mama into something first falling apart, then dead, then worse. This is contagious, as – once infected – the victims tend to spread the disease by biting chunks off innocent bystanders. Loving son Lionel is willing to take care of the situation by hosting a group of braindeads in the family basement. The situation escalates when his cousin and his girlfriend cannot be kept away from the premises.
What can you say? Nurse head not quite coming off. Copulating corpses. The Lawnmower Man. The hunt of the digestive tract, no: by. The giant Supermama finale. Tons of Blood. A blender that mixes and blends everything. A nasty baby that meets the blender. How to feed a headless woman?
Yes, this is … special interest cinema. As such it is very funny and in parts very original. I would not say that you could exactly see Jackson’s future to become the director of the most massive movie of all times, but actually: if somebody pointed out that fact to a first-time audience, there is no way of denying the possibilities indicated here.

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