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The life and times of a variety show and their preprarations for the big show that will be shown live on tv. Jealousy, drugs, feline fellatio, sexual obsession, tender love – A Chorus Line meets The Muppets, and they all drown in a sea of machine gun shells, for hell hath no fury but a cake-addicted hippo with a gun and a walrus husband.
Rellay funny in parts, maybe because the film allows itlsef to be almost forgetful about its ridiculous starting point: Muppets for adults, letting loose and crossing all boundaries, including an ode to sodomy, sung by a fox, which because of this is actually a brain twister. The sweet and the schmaltz of all these backstage productions bringing fame and glory are being drowned in vile and blood. It is wonderful to see the technical finesse with which the production pulls it off, mixing the larger-than-life costumes with small hand-operated puppets, bringing it all together so that you never wonder what kind of a strange world this is supposed to be. It just is. And it’s outrageous. And often funny. And actually: In the end, it is also a liitle bit of a tear jerker, if you are prone…
The BBC review here.

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