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I just came across this piece by film review Godfather Roger Ebert in the “Spectator” ( ), and I trust the collaborative efforts of the two film masterminds Ebert and Kermode may at last be able to do away with the 3D nonsense.

Just one quote from Eberts comprehensive analysis:

Simply put, has anyone ever attended a 2-D movie and thought, If only it were in 3-D?”

Exactly! And after I caught a glimpse at the brilliant images, those colours! of Pixars “Up!” in 2D how could I possibly stand to go back to the grey veil behind which a 3D film must hide its useless face. Never mind the money or the uncomfortable glasses. Nobody is asking for 3D, and it does not look as good as a regular 2D print. Should that not be enough for an exterimation note?

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