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Katie and Micah are chasing something like a Poltergeist in their house, with the chase starting for Micah as nothing more than a nice video documentary project allowing him to get in the nerves of his girlfriend (and maybe catch some sex on camera if he’s lucky). Turns out the opponent in the house is in a less playful mood.
What is the genre called? “Amateur camera found” category? Or rather just “ghost story” in the term’s most traditional and straightforward meaning. The night vision of the camera and the time coding allow for a handful of pleasantly creepy images. No Blair Witch Horror most of the time, no destruction of the world (what’s that film called again), just people who get more scared every minute. The problem is that it is not really clear why they don’t go away (just because one of the paranormal experts says the ghost would follow them? Come on, grow up!). And especially the Katie character is, in all honesty, terribly played. I think it’s actually less the acting skills of Katie Featherston, but rather the way the part has been developed, I suppose between the director and the actress. That was not convincing incredulity, fright and terror, but mostly slightly annoying and not very credible hysteria.
Not an important contribution to the genre of horror, but a nice enough reminder what the elements of a thoroughly frightening campfire story could be.

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