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She had great hopes: Christine is working her way up in a bank, and that sometimes, she thinks, involves tough choices. So she rejects a loan extension for an old gypsy woman, causing humiliation. She gets cursed for it, quite literally, and has to fight with bad dreams and strange events from then on. A paranormality expert explains what happened: she has only a few days before she will be dragged to hell by some evil creature, and she has only very few options open.

It is a very straightforward, well-directed and –designed horror flic we’ve got us here. Sam Raimi knows what he is doing, he is on home turf when he makes the normal world more and more fragile, allowing dark things to happen and hope to disappear. Humans reacting to non-human events – that is at the heart of all horror tales, and that is what Raimi shows us here. Solidly entertaining for the fans of the genre, way above the average horror merchandise of the decade. And I always appreciate a nice happy ending … 😉 and a nice review at The Best Picture Project:


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