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Saw VI provides a critical glance at US Health Policy and the the impact it has on the tormented individual, with a well-balanced glance at patients’ and corporate interests… er, no: it takes the oldest and cheapest from of injustice US script writers can come up with (the treatment unfairly withheld because of the greedy health insurance company) and uses it to show some more ways of playing people to pieces. Or to show what supposedly happens to a human body if you pump some litres of Hydrofluoracid or something inside. And the only balance is shown right at the beginning, when a Lear-like competition is encouraged to fill more punds of one’s own flesh onto the scales of fate.
I am not perfectly sure why I keep watching the franchise, maybe because the films are never longer than 90 minutes, which is just fine for an in-between snack of irrelevance. I do not even understand them, because there are so many cross-references to previous installments that I feel as lost as halfway through Goodfellas. Good thing is that they can draw on so many previous films that most of the film consists of montages taken from old films, so that at some point I will surely have seen scenes from Saw 1-5 so often that I know what they are about at last.

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