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Part 1: Underworld (Len Wiseman 2003)

A story of Vampires and Lycans (werewolf-like creatures), the war between which reaches the life of Michael, who then kind of transforms into a merged converged superthingy, because several hunts and fights later, usually won by a pretty woman in black tight leather pants, he ends up bitten by the wolf and the vampire, being the supposedly only hybrid creature around. Unfortunately on the way, they have built up antipathies not only by Lycans and Vampires (by killing one of their elder statesmen), but also of some strange government institution that is apparently hunting down that kind of creatures.

Part 2: Underworld Evolution (Len Wiseman 2006)
The two pretty ones are on the run together, and they are now being followed by the new elder in the order of things, Marcus. And those government guys. And then they go to see yet another vampire that has werewolf guardians and …
Stopped watching after half of it, abandoned the project, it is really a stunningly boring waste of time.

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