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And following the ambitious amateurs, here comes to pro: Roger Ebert, Godfather of film critique, cheated himself into a top 20 list for 2009, which has the unique feature of featuring Werner Herzog in the “Mainstream” category (the person most likely to ever anticipate that to happen would be Werner Herzog, I presume).
Same treatment as with the filmspotting list: the watched ones (new title for “Watchmen” sequel? “The Watched Ones”? Please don’t…) are highlighted. And it’s so annoying that apparently awards season is shifting so strongly towards New Year that with most of the really anticipated films I did not have a chance to watch yet, grrrr…

Top Ten Mainstream Films:
Bad Lieutenant (as all Herzog fillms: overrated by US film critics, but worth watching, and always a good laugh)
Crazy Heart (should / must / want to see!)
An Education (must see)
The Hurt Locker (yes, very good)
Inglourious Basterds (yes, very good fun, with some outstanding elements)
Knowing (puff, puff, puff…. Hyperventilation may make this pretentious thing go away)
Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (must see)
A Serious Man (must see)
Up in the Air (must see)
The White Ribbon (excellent!)
Special Jury Prize: Avatar (must see)

The Top Ten Independent Films
Departures (on my list of must-see)
Disgrace (almost watched it two months ago… or maybe read the book first?)
Everlasting Moments (don’t know)
Goodbye Solo (I have it, yet awaits watching, as do the director’s all other films – this promises to be a feast!)
Julia (not yet, but will)
Silent Light (promise, very soon)
Sin Nombre (I always wanted, but then … not yet)
Skin (don’t know)
Trucker (what? Rubber Duck?)
You, the Living (They Live was groovy)

This is depressing… but let’s call it my official holiday to do list!

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