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He always wanted to be an inventor – and one day his dream of inventing the ultimate machine to turn water into hamburgers finally comes to pass. But while Flint Lockwood has saved his desperate town from the fate of becoming an open air sardine museum, now he has to fight off the greedy mayor and hordes of tourists. All that while he must conquer the pretty girl reporter Sam and live up to the expectations of his sad old father.

Absolutely stunning: a crazy ride through a psychedelic child’s dream, with heart-warming father figures (oh when the father finally wears the think-to-talk-cap!), killer monkeys on the rampage (ever seen an angry monkey rip a jelly-bear’s heart out of the chest, chuckling madly? Indiana Jones would have loved it!), a wicked mayor whose greed bloats his body and his ego, leading both himself and the city towards destruction. I think children would be creeped-out or left flabbergasted, but I enjoyed myself a lot. While I do tend to like the clean and super-professional politically correct Pixar output, whenever I come across material more edgy this comes as a great relief and I realise immediately what is missing in the Disney factory ingredients.
I guess best animated film I have seen over the last 12 months, and surely among the 5 most entertaining films of the past year.

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