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Four guys head towards Vegas to make sure their friend Dug is having a good last impression of bachelorhood before he subjects himself to marriage two days later. The night starts off well with booze and drugs, but zap! – they wake up next morning without any recollection of what happened during the night. And the groom is missing. And there is a tiger in the bathroom. And one of them lacks a tooth and has one wedding ring too much.
Surprisingly funny. I might get the hang of those comedies if they manage to keep the characters somehow real and avoid the slap stick goofball comedy approach. After “Funny People” some weeks ago, now another one I actually enjoyed. I have never heard of the director or the actors before, and that may be one of the movie’s strong points, there is no distraction with individual mannerism or the ever-returning comedy faces. Every character can be surprising (including Mike Tyson…). Those dudes try to work their way back through the night like detectives in a CSI episode, only what they find is a police car, crazy Chinese guys with small dicks, strippers with a heart of gold, chapel ministers with a return policy and some drugs you don’t want to try out.
Nice end-credit sequence with the pictures they boys had taken during the lost night on their camera.

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