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Somebody called Sherlock Holmes (but without the detective’s sophistication and wit) tries to break a plot of sinister Lord Blackwood to somehow overhaul the UK and the world and everything else.
Just a short word, because I really cannot remember any details: this film is rubbish. And even worse: it’s terribly boring. I am not sure what got into all those reviewers who suddenly converted to become Guy Ritchie lovers. I could not follow the black whole of a plot for half an hours without falling asleep. The loud explosions and fist fights are things that I do not want to see in a movie based on the Sherlock Holmes character. The intelligence and witty ways of discovering the evil plots is absent – but this is the only thing interesting about Holmes in the first place.
A disaster of a movie, an insult to the literary character – reminded me very much of “League of Honourable Gentlemen” and “Van Helsing”.
7 / 100

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