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Mr Fox and wife are looking for a calm and quiet autumn of their fox lives. They even move into the calm neighbourhood of a tree where the regular chicken hunting days should be over. But Mr Fox has a plan, he is up for a final mission involving the three largest farms around.
Make no mistake: this has nothing to do with a children’s movie. It is about existentialist fears, manhood in the face of adventure, boys growing up to the attention of their fathers, drinking and killing, and the big chicken hunt of live. It’s great, but do not take your kids, they will faint of boredom. Instead, enjoy the nice details such as the Home vs Stray teams display at the whack-bat ballgame. Dialogues like “I am not different. We all are. Him especially.” Strangely monotonous voice overs by George Clooney, Meryl Streep and some regular Anderson cast (Schwartzman, Murray). Nice high noon showdown quotes. Mortal peril in underground labyrinths. A lot of stuff that may be incoherent, but is fun to watch. More in “oh look what they did here” way than in an immersing fashion, but in a month that gave me “Men -> Goats” and “Sherlock Holmes”, that was more than I hoped for.

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