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A journalist stumbles across a former member of a special elite group within the US army, trained for paranormal warfare. He digs deeper and discovers people who believe they can break clouds by power of will, stop goats’ heartbeats and run through walls.
The cast and the story made for one of the films I anticipated most last year. Come on: George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges – what can go wrong? Being part of a hillbilly LSD experimental training camp? Hilarious!
How can one write a script based on this that is so stunningly dull? It really eludes me how you can downsize the hilarity of each element to form just a patchwork of irrelevant and fleetingly funny bits and pieces. Not even the poisoning of whole battalion (or whatever the measure word for these people is) of soldiers with LSD probes creates any laughter, not even smile. Nothing. This film is nothing. A spectacular and inexplicable waste of talent. What a shame.

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