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A bunch of researchers and additional staff (one police woman among them) hangs out around Antarctica. They discover a body in a remote area, and when following back the traces, they discover a plane that crashed decades ago, and that still carries a cargo worth killing for.
The most amazing bit is the beginning, when for absolutely no reason whatsoever the director decides to spend 5 minutes observing the girl character undressing and taking a shower. Never in movie history was a scene so completely annoyingly out of context and gratuitous. And for Christ’s sake: it’s the girl from those terrible Underworld movies, so if you want to see her buttocks, go there! While the plot unfolds, I kept thinking that this surely must be a distraction, that the actual THING (take this for reference, haha) must be happening or showing up soon. No such THING, just a bit of greediness with the slightest bit of surprise when (again, in a fashion distractingly out of context and gratuitous) some limbs freeze and need to get chopped off.
One of the possibilities for the end actually comes to terms (after some annoyingly boring fights with axes and wind and snow), and tell me who cares at this point. One question as to the surprise factor: if you cast an old bearded guy who looks like Juergen Prochnow as the camp doctor, how would you want to make your audience believe that he does NOT have a dark secret???
(a whopping 7 per cent on the tomatometer … that must have been the worst-rated film I ever watched… I would say it is not that bad, maybe 20 / 100).

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