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Alice revisits Wonderland more than 10 years after her first visit, in an effort to flee from a jerk lord trying to marry her. Even though she does not remember going as a child, Wonderland remembers her, and sets the hope in her defeating the evil queen and the Jabberwocky.
To be honest, I missed a substantial part of the movie, falling asleep now and again. I blame my jet lag, but I can also blame Tim Burton. As in almost every other movie of his that I have seen, he takes a great premise, mixes it with great actors (and with Helena Bonham Carter), creates a great production design, and then seems to lose interest in the movie. I am not sure whether apart from Edward Scissorhands there was a Burton production that I really loved (Beetlejuice was nice, I seem to remember). There are great bits and pieces, good creatures (the cat, the twins), but there is also an odd feeling of Burton running out of interesting ideas and throwing the leftovers of his considerable budget at the Lord of the Rings software to create some battle scenes and involving a Jabberwocky right out of some … what was that Verhoeven SciFi film with the alien bugs? Hmpf… try again.

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