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Most stunning questions is how they got all those actors: Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes? Sam Worthington is still in a category of acting where B movies of this sort do not do much damage, but he may want to be alert of Vin Diesel’s career and stay alert for his next choices.

While some of the effects are quite nice (the flight chases with Hades’ winged creatures was excellent kinetics, watch how some of the monsters get thrown off balance when over-pacing… nice!) and some of the ideas cute (riding the scorpions, or those  jinns, that reminded me of the desert creatures from Return of the Jedi, I think…), at the end of the day, the questions remains: why, oh why??? The original story-telling was better, the character motivation more convincing (why change the role of Calibos when you do not have a need to? Now I have no idea what his role is, why he does what he does. ). The only crappy special effect in the old movie was Poseidon opening the gate of the Kraken’s lair – is that reason enough to remove Poseidon altogether and make the Kraken a creature of Hades? No really: Pegasus was more noble, the witches more creepy, Calibos more human and hence more wicked in the original movie – and in particular: Medusa was not a pretty-girl with a cute tail, she was a monster, and now look at her…   a very strange case of remaking a film because of the new technology available, and then falling behind the old film in almost all aspects …

Oh yes, and there were no titans involved in the clash.

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