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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad – AMC.

what a joyful situation to be in the company of adorable drug manufacturers and murderers, to sympathise with the plots of the Crystal Meth Mafia, to dislike the wifes that want a divorce because the husbands follow the path of crime and evil. It has become a habit of establishing the wicked guys as the central characters of US cable tv drama.

Whereas with Dexter, this was a kind of playful variation on the topic of CSI teleplay, with basically the one twist of the murderer and the investigator occasionally being one and the same, Breaking Bad takes this to a new level. Here, decisions mostly are made very rationally:  if a chemistry teacher needs money, he starts cooking Meth. If his wife finds out and has to decide whether to sue him, kill him or go ahead with him for the wealth, she may come to the conclusion the latter is a good choice. When shooting bad guys … sorry: badder guys in the head after running them over with the car is a measure alternative to obeying the wish of the drug godfather, then… then the teacher discovers a certain ruthless skill.

The only concern I have about the show is that it is one of the kind that needs s resolution, you cannot run it forever. Are there two different kinds of shows? the “CSI or The Office category” that can run forever on the concept of showing an excerpt of regular life in a certain environment, and the “Lost or Battlestar Galactica category”, where the audience will punish you very quickly if they find out you are delaying on the quest for resolution. Breaking Bad could be either – but it would be better if it moved towards a fixed point instead of turning into an everlasting crystal meth soap.

Maybe it is exaggerated that this is the best-written tv drama currently on – I don’t know any better.

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