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It seems that I have a soft spot for animated movies: I really liked Toy Story 3, even though I am nowhere near elevating it into Citizen Kane categories as some do, but I watched the first two before going to the cinema. And when seeing Toy Story, I saw the trailer for “Despicable Me”, and while there was no real indication of what it was about, I was immediately inclined to check it out. Strange, no? What makes the film interesting is a mix of styles, with those cute little creepy minions working for Grul, apparently the result of a sometimes more, sometimes less cloning experiment. Especially cute when they drink too much anti-gravity juice or get shrunk to roll-on deodorant size (and shape). On the other side, their master, Grul, who not only has French ancestors, but whose design actually seems to be strongly inprired by the likes of Sylvain Chomet’s “Triplets of Belleville” and other slightly surreal European material (no wonder, given the origin of the directors). And the third level is the straightforward US-style villainy, with the Lehman Brother evil bank director and his Bill Gates lookalike nerd son Vector (they should change that to Steve Jobs now, but who asks for my opinion…).

They are all in for a not too quick fun ride, pleasant level of tear-jerking with little cute orphan girls and missed Swan Lake performances, creepy old lab coat with English accent and a good number of fancy inventions going a little bit wrong. As heist movie and father-kids drama alike, I found it thoroughly entertaining!

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