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This is disappointing: you have an angel directly from heaven or hell or wherever, and all he can deliver is motor-propelled iron drill thing that rips his fellow-angels’ guts out? No, really, since when has being a divine creature become so blunt and technical? And an angel has to get himself into a rotation spin to protect itself from gun bullets? What?? So they are not angels, but just flying guys with tattoos?

This film suffers from a lot of things, but mostly from the complete absence of a reason to make it? I wonder what the pitch to the studio was? “Hey there are some angels, and … well. Hang on, let me think. Hm… these angels come to Earth you know and then they shoot with a lot of weapons.” I am sure they did not mention the baby that will save the Earth in the final battle and that needs to be protected and that is called John Connor … no, but almost.

I have hardly ever seen a film that was so utterly shallow and empty despite having the divine extermination of the human race in its core. Strange, isn’t it?

Legion 2010.

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