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An early pre-study of the setting later to become famous as “Oceans” trilogy. George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh seem to have fun playing it cool, with cons and heists slightly less flashy than from the later movies, but because of that the film lacks the multi-star big-budget burden of Danny Ocean’s metrry bunch. I can hardly remember what they were up to, why they moved from one prison to the next billionaire’s mansion, and why the villains around Don Cheadle wanted to kill Clooney, but Clooney is cute, and Ving Rhames is massive, and it is fun to see that Steve Zahn of the fantastic “Treme” ( ) actually looks younger now than he did 12 years ago. Jennifer Lopez is in it as well, and did not disturb the grown-ups acting too much.

Out of Sight (1998).

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