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What can I say: Stunning opening sequence, terribly moving finale, real tear-jerker. Again a stunning amount of very subtly choreographed details, that definitely require second and third viewing.

I think what made the movie so special that it lingers around the box office charts for months now is the emotional truth about it – and how the toys as well as the people need to make very human choices: towards the end Woody has to face a realisation that he was making the wrong choices all along, and the way he looks, and turns his head, and looks at the box with his friends heading towards the attic… you feel something is off, something is very wrong, and it is an almost terrifying realisation that this friendly film may end in disaster – can you nominate a cartoon character for best actor?

By growing mature in topic and style, it may be that the film is moving slightly away from the child audience: I wonder how old you have to be to not be scared by Dr PorkChop’s Flying Killer-Pig (Pink Floyd, anyone?), or the killer monkeys, or the giant baby, or its bear master manipulator, or the trash shredder and the trash shred melting fire of hell… this is scary stuff, my dear! All the more in the short film that opens: Night & Day, where the images change with such mind-boggling speed that the most fascinating thing about seems to be how they manage to still keep it interesting and terribly complicated at the same time, while avoiding that the audience gets dizzy and sick.

All in all: film making on its highest level!

Toy Story 3 (2010).

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