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Of course Cameron Diaz looks gorgeous – and boy! can she wear a bikini…  and of course Tom Cruise is kind of cute and has the necessary stamina to give the action hero and immortal super agent. And Peter Sarsgaard has established himself sufficiently to be the wicked arm of evil to convince nobody that he has anything good in mind, but could start shooting any second. It is all in place, but… the film tries to replicate a James Bond pattern that Bond’s makers have abandoned a while ago: the immortal superhero with humour. Because: we have seen it too often and you need to have very good new ideas to pull it off. “Knight and Day” has few of those. There is the hero with a heart (oh how he treats his parents, isn’t it adorable?), and the car chases (which I don’t like.. cheap way to get rid of screen time), and plane crash and exotic sceneries and scenic European town centres including fighting bulls. And American intelligence agency or something. And evil arms dealer. And many cars sponsored by Mercedes to finally get those Smart cars off the shelves. It looks too designed, and it is. Which does not mean that I did not have a laugh or two, especially around Cameron Diaz’ truth serum escapades and her libido fits.
But now that I have seen it 48 hours ago, I am already having a hard time remembering many details – it is fair to assume that in one more week, that film will have disappeared from my memory without leaving a trace.

Knight and Day (2010).

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