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ok, I give them that they are trying to take a new perspective on the old story, the origin of Robin Longstocking… no, sorry, Longstride and how he became the outlaw to live in the bushes with his merry men wearing green stockings. Well taken, and some nice Private-Ryan-like Normandie invasions, only on the other side of the Channel this time, and with ridiculous sets of ships. But hardly ever was a film so lacking originality in its approach. I will remember a melange of Gladiator, Prince of Thieves and of Braveheart in particular, and in five years my guess is noone will be able to say for sure anymore which scene was from which movie when stories are being told about the good old movies involving archery. Not even the villains were colourful and splendid, even though I have to admit that just neglecting the Sheriff of  Nottingham because it is clear nobody will ever stand up against Alan Rickman’s interpretation was a wise move. Godfrey as cunning double-agent who is negelected his chance for a noce final scene or battle but just gets shot cowardly from the back? Some non-descript Prince / King John whose face I kept forgetting during the film so I had to keep asking who that bloke on the horse was who kept shouting at other people? why all of a sudden he declarde Robin an outlaw was lost on me. And scandalously not a glimpse of Sean Connery!

Robin Hood 2010.

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