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The film stuns through its optical rather than its narrative values. Very high contrast, with an almost black and white feel to it, you feel to be in the midst of a severely burned world that is cold and hostile despite its strong sun. Unsurprisingly it reminds of “The Road”, but choses to go for a more heroic approach, with a sword-toating Denzel Washington and plenty of Mad Max road warriors in rags. Count Dracula (Gary Oldman, I mean – but these days he looks as old as his make up made him appear in Dracula…)is bit of a clichee, and the female lead at the end wants so much to look like Sarah Connor that it is almost confusing whether she will next have a baby with Arnold Schwarzenegger or go and kill the bad guys. There is a strange lack of story, as somebody walks West and when he arrives there, he has arrived and that is the end of the story… the King James Bible is not much more than a McGuffin, I think the notion that the fate of the world will somehow be changed if only people were able to read the old testament again is a bit … let’s say it did not really convince me. The very end at least has a surprising little twist, including a nice if ridiculously-haired cameo by Malcolm McDowell.

The Book of Eli (2010).

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