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I like Angelina Jolie, I like Liev Schreiber (don’t even know why, I cannot remember having seen any of the films listed on IMDB), I like “24” and sometimes even Russian spy movies. What I do not like is car chases, stupid plot developments and the suggestion that breaking into the White House is just a piece of cake. Come on, why did they not just hit the secret service guy at the door on the nose  while walking and shooting? Now it’s about 10 hours since I watched it, and I already cannot remember how the film ended. Was there a sunset into which she walked? oh no, it was the threat of a franchise that I am quite sure will never happen. box office and public opinion is too much against this, and rightly so. But it gave me the idea of actually casting Jolie for a forthcoming sequel to the 24 show, maybe “26 and a half”? could not be any more embarassingly stupid than this.

Salt 2010.

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