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PrinceI don’t know what it means that some critics (Dr. K, in particular) stress the comparison with the “Pirates” films (if that is not a big word for the latter), but I completely agree that “Prince of Persia” is the better, the more entertaining, more cinematic, better written, better acted and better edited movie. And Jake Gyllenhaal is some pretty-boy, all right – and one who does not look like a strip of wallpaper, but like a real guy, too.

The film does not make the mistake of trying to emancipate from its game legacy, but rather takes on the motives of “step only in my footsteps or the walls will come down” and “replay the last scene so you can catch all the snakes before they bite us”. In the logic of the plot, that works well. And Alfred Molina is in it, what can go wrong? I honestly believe he never ever failed to make me a little bit happy even in most mediocre cinematic ware.

Prince of Persia is mediocre but quite entertaining, just nice for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 2010 – IMDb.

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