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This is a slow-paced thriller, the story of a man who has accepted to be in a situation that is slightly over his head, to the point where it might threaten his life.

The first ghost writer of the former British Prime Minister’s memoirs has died, maybe was killed, and Roman Polanski, very closely following the plot lines provided by Robert Harris’ novel, follows the replacement on his way to repeat the same revelations that got his predecessor killed.

There is not much happening, some of the research is found in documents, some in conversations …  almost no action, but a ghastly atmosphere driven by terrible weather and a barren landscape (where did they shoot anyway, Northern German coast, from the credits it seems the film was almost entirely German-financed).

I can’t say I am enthusiastic about the film, but solid acting by Ewan McGregor and somebody whose name I forgot who played the former First Lady makes this an atmospheric thriller worth watching. I have an issue with the end, but that is rather through contrast to the book’s ending, which most people will not have read and hence won’t care.

The Ghost Writer Movie Reviews, Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes.


  1. Interesting review. I saw the trailer for this recently and was certianly intrigued. I do like Polanski. I might give this a spin if I can get hold of the DVD cheaply.

  2. I liked it more than you did (though it’s not on my all-time top 10 or anything). I wrote about it on my blog:

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