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The oddest thing about this movie is to see Adrian Brody in full combat gear, and with quite a bit of a six-pack on his rack. Is this the guy who played the piano with so much sentiment? The same guy who now blasts away the alien teenagers in their hunting grounds?? Ok, once accepted, it kind of works, as his physique is rather impressive. Director Nimrod Antal is rather well-skilled in having his staff run around a nice forest with some useful accessories to hide in (spaceship) or to get trapped in (camp). It’s a bit like a late-night edition of “Lost”, where the “Others” shoot laser blasts but are rather stupid despite their high-tech gear. That may be even interpreted as an ironic comment ot hunters at large, who are having a great time hanging out with their buddies in the woods, shooting some animals at daytime and chewing the fat and doing some cuddling around the camp fire at night.

Odd appearance by CSI’s own Ray Langston – Lawrence Fishburne seems to be nostalgic about the good old times when he still was some form of action hero.

It is really strange how immortal this Predators concept seems to be – I never understood the facination with the original, in any respect sub-par movie. But it looks as if the concept will be around for some more installations…

Predators Movie Reviews, Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes.

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