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It is the age of non-superheroes. After the impotent fools that populated the previous failed efforts at making something of a comic book (yes, ok, “graphic novel”… nerds!) (and, yes, I am talking about “Watchmen“), now we have somebody who is at least a nice guy, if with slightly underdeveloped intellect.

Arthur Poppington (if ever there was an anti-hero name) is dumb by day, and ridiculous by night. He dons his scotch-taped Defendor costume, throws glass marbles at the villains and follows his mission – which is a bit of a misunderstanding, as it turns out. But he knows no fatigue in hunting down Captain Industry, who killed his mother, and will not stop until… somebody beats him up, which happens with frequency.

Teamed up with his sidekick (a hooker he takes in, but has to pay by the day), he goes into the great finale against the corrupt policeman with the irresistible charme of the big fool. A Mice and Men-like character, we do love him, while being unable to take him serious. But as the police psychiatrist points out: his secret is his unconditional honesty, and that makes “Defendor, The Movie” kind of irresistible, too.

Defendor Movie Reviews, Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes.

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